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The Surprising Benefit of Attending Your Reunion

You will wonder if you should go.

To that reunion. Because, soon—this year or next year or the year after if not already—you will be invited to one. Maybe a high school reunion. A college reunion. A family reunion. You will be asked to connect with people you haven’t connected with for a long time.

And you will wonder if you should go.

You will mull the WHY question. WHY go to a reunion? Why, why, why? The negatives might seem to outweigh the positives, at least at first. You will wonder if one-upmanship will rear its ugly head. Or if you will be forced into a box you have worked so hard to break free from over the last few years. Or if you will remember anyone.

If anyone will remember you.

But maybe … you should go. At least show up for a while. Maybe, because benefit will show up. Surprising benefit. Benefit that will be hard to articulate up front, because you won’t know it exists until you are there.

You won’t know what impact you might have.

You won’t know what impact it might have on you.

Unless you go.

By Marcus Brotherton
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